The Best 2024 Planner In Australia

The Best 2024 Planner In Australia

As somebody obsessed with organisation, productivity, and documenting every little thing in my life, I have always loved planners. A new planner at the start of the year feels like a true blank slate. Everything I need to create the life of my dreams is right here in front of me, beautiful white pages and crisp lines begging for me to take a pen and make it happen.

But not all planners are the same, and I've been on a mission to find one that makes life and achieving my goals EASY. I don't need to check in every day with 5 things I'm grateful for or to track every glass of water I drink (Team Hydration here, so we're always on top of that even if everything else is falling apart). But I still need more than just lines or a blank page. 

The thing is - I knew exactly what was needed. I had spent over a decade perfecting the ultimate goal setting & achieving systems that helped me get the corporate career of my dreams before trading it in for a successful freelance life. I've lived all over the world, met the love of my life, maintained friendships and worked through the really hard parts of life. 

The planner that did it all - make life feel more exciting while easing the chaos, helping you get things done without sacrificing your mental health - didn't exist.

So I created it.

Introducing the 2024 Planner by V.M. Verre.

And as a bonus, it's ethically made and printed & bound in Sydney, Australia by legacy printers Ligare using sustainable materials, with a stunning hand-embossed European linen cover.

Best 2024 Planner


If you want to know why it's so great, here's what the Weekly Layout looks like, with a little guide on how to actually use it. It's different, it's perfect, and it's exactly what you need.


By now we all know some form of weekly ritual that involves resetting and reflecting is key to making your dreams come true, and so that has been incorporated seamlessly. Plan out the things you need to do for a fresh start (pro tip: fill this in during the week prior. If you realise the fridge needs a deep clean pop it on your weekly reset to do list so you remember during the time you've set aside to get ready for next week). Reflect on the week that has been. And then prepare to smash out your goals this coming week.

How to weekly reset and goal check-in 2024 planner 

The 2024 Planner by V.M. Verre comes with all of this and more. The goal check-ins are so much easier after having planner out your goals and how to achieve them in the beginning of the planner. There's a Seasonal Guide that helps romanticise your life as well as eat more nutritious and delicious food that's in season. And that monthly & quarterly check-ins make everything run even smoother.

And the final little touch is that the bookmark ribbon is from a business in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales that began on George Street in the 1940s!

Australian made ribbon

Now of course, I'm biased. I'll always be transparent about everything, and I know that as the designer and creator of this planner I'll be a bit more inclined to think this is THE best planner. But I'm not the only one who thinks that the goal setting & achieving system is the key to nailing 2024, or that the weekly layout is PERFECT for getting things done - just check out our reviews! There are even more for our undated planner, which has the signature goal setting & achieving system woven throughout.

Our emails and DMs are always open if you have any questions, and I would be honoured if you chose V.M. Verre to help you thrive in 2024.

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